Beaver Builder Layer Slider Module

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Our magnificent and versatile Layer Slider is easy to use. It is compatible with Beaver Builder latest version and has a drag n drop feature from where you can create customized different types of slide backgrounds, add multiple layers on each slide, change its opacity, overlay, control slider speed and many more. Starting from $39.


No Need To Switch

Direct Control From Front End Panel

Our full-width responsive layer slider is very easy to use. No technical or coding skill required to use our Beaver Builder Layer Slider. Users can create multiple slides, add multiple layers on each slide, adjust opacity, overlay, and choose different background types directly from front end panel. No need to switch between dashboard anymore. What are you waiting for?.

Multi Layer Slider

Add Multiple Layers On Single Slide

Create multiple layers on each slide that comes with various features. You can add images, use text editor, icons, button,text field (HTML tags), and apply attractive animations to enhance the look and feel of your slide.

Add Multiple Layers

Cool Animations

Cool Animations For Slides

Our users can create high-impact visuals to display the content and beautiful images in most attractive way by applying different cool animation styles on slides and layers.

Multi Layer Slider

Add Multiple Layers On Single Slide

Our Unique Layer Slider offers more options to our user. We have added the option of creating unlimited number of sliders and on every single slide you can add unlimited number of layers (Premium Users Only) with positions, animations content, and images as you want.

Unlimited Number Of Slides

Multiple Animations

Cool Animations for Layers

We ensure versatility in our development process. To offer more to our customers we have provided a variety of cool animations for slides and layer to enhance the attractiveness of the designs you need.

Responsive Content

Seamless Across Device

Beaver Builder Layer Slider plugin is adaptable, mobile-friendly and responsive across all small, medium and large devices providing the seamless experience to the users and their clients.


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Free For Small Businesses and Developers
Free Version Single Site Business Enterprise
Was $19.99
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$0.00 /Year
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$19.99 /Year
Was $70.99
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$49.99 /Year
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Front-End Control
Front-End Control
  Number of Sites
Number of Sites Single Site Single Site 5 Sites Unlimited
  Slider Advanced Settings
Slider Advanced Settings Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Autoplay Speed Option
Autoplay Speed Option
  Autoplay Hover Pause Option
Autoplay Hover Pause Option
  Loop Slides Option
Loop Slides Option
  Slider Speed Option
Slider Speed Option
  Loop Slides Option
Loop Slides Option
  Progress Bar
Progress Bar
  Slide Animations
Cool Animations for Slides Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Multiple Navigation Types
Multiple Navigation Types
  Navigation Style Options
Navigation Style Options Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Multiple Layers
Multiplale Layers 2 Layers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Animations for Layers
Animations for Layers
  Slide Background Types
Slide Background Types 2 Types 4 Types 4 Types 4 Types
  Background Custom Options
Background Custom Options
  Background Pattern Styles
Background Pattern Styles
Typography Options Limited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Layer Settings
Layer Settings
  Support and Updates
Support and Updates
  Products 40% On Renewal
Products Renewal 20% 30% 40%

14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

What Makes Layer Slider Better Than Revolution Slider

Beaver Builder Layer Slider comes with tons of options fully controlled features from front-end panel to entirely customize the appearance and behavior of your sliders.

BB Layer Slider Revolution Slider
Features Beaver Builder Layer Slider Revolution Slider
Cool Animations for Slides and Layers
Multiple Layers
Multiple Layer Types
Layer Setting and Style Options
Yearly Updates
Different Navigation Types
Slider Control Options
Multiple Layers
Responsive Options for Different Devices
Slider Custom Height Option
Custom Container Size Option
Multiple Background Types
Background Overlay
Custom ID/Class for each Slide
Typography Options
Direct Front-End Control
Front-End Real Time Display
Multiple Background Patterns
Typography Compatibility with Themes Default Settings
Light Weight
Template and Slider Export Simultaneously

See Different Styles

Stay in touch to see different styles of BB Layer Slider that includes Photo Slider, Multi-Layers Slider, Video Slider and much more.


Additional Features We Have

Our magnificent and multi-purpose layer sliders will leave you thunderstruck. It has the latest supporting drag ‘n’ drop feature, where you can customize different types of slide backgrounds with opacity and overlay, control slider speed, add multiple layers in one slide and much more.


Slider Animation

Dynamic medium to manipulate and use different types of animations effects


Fully Responsive Slider

Offers you responsive content and slider that is compatible with all devices.


Different Animations for Layers

Offers you to add and practice different animations of varying speed and animation delay


Multiple Navigation Types

Allows you to select arrows, dots for the different navigation types used in website


Slide Backgrounds

Add different types of Slide Backgrounds (Photo, color, External link etc.) with overlay and opacity attributes


Customize Single Layer on Slider

Have ease in adding single layer to any place in the slider where you can add title, text editor, image, icon, button etc. in layers


Unlimited Number of Slides

Create and add, duplicate, delete, edit multiple slides according to your preference


Multiple Layers for Single Slide

Enables you to include multiple layers for single slide


Mobile Friendly

Responsive and user-friendly touch gesture that is easy to use on mobile

What are you waiting for?

Get your hands-on layer slider with exciting features

Try our lite version to play with some limited designs before purchase

Try Our Beaver Builder Bundle Pack

If you are planning to have a different coming web designs and want to create a difference for your work, then you should look at our diverse styles that come with many key features to offer ease


Layer Slider

Acquire comfort of easy drag and drop to upturn your work efficiency and productivity


Filterable Gallery

Great compatibility when operated on a mobile platform to provide you more gesture touch ease


Filterable Portfolio

Works perfectly in all browsers to eliminate the hitches of compatibility error

Starting from $59.99